Treasure Hunt Maps

When is Treasure Hunt going to be updated? It would be great to add in the newer resources.


It would also help if we could use Cursed Runestones to turn our Treasure Maps into Epic Treasure Maps with even more worthwhile prizes.


At this point, I’d be satisfied with just trading maps for gold.


This. Or converting them into writs without having to use cursed runes.

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Thanks for all the feedbacks

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Writs are useful and important and something of a bottleneck right now. Treasure maps are old currency and something that many players have thousands of, maybe even hundreds of thousands.

One of the recurring themes in this game (and others like it) is how older currency gradually becomes “obsolete” and “worthless”. We’ve never seen a mechanism by which that currency can be converted into newer currnecies that are still “useful” and “necessary”, and we probably never will. This is a nice hope, but it’s never going to happen.

If your idea were to be impemented, I suspect a lot of veteran players would have the ability to craft enough Writs to convert into Deeds and Books of Deeds to blast through most/all of the Kingdom Power Level requirements without having to do anything further. And the rest of us could quickly put together an efficient map-farming team to enable us to follow suit very quickly.

The best you can reasonably hope for is a revamp of the Treasure Hunt rewards table, and even that isn’t something I consider to be very likely.

There’s actually a design term for this: “accretion”. When there’s literally no limits on how much of a resource you can farm, players ultimately end up with more than they know what to do with. (Aside: who’s noticed that Dragonite is actually cheaper than Diamonds?)

Imagine for a moment if event sigils were universal and never expired – it’d be like Treasure Maps, but for events.