Make nicknames unique

Please make nicknames unique not just invite codes.
Name stealing is not fun!
I was “Tibo” everybody knows in global 001 that I am Tibo but friends warned me about another Tibo so I had to change my name.
Also anybody can impersonate anybody.

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NO I’M TIBO. Sorry. I don’t know if they can do that, the way they have it set up. How would they determine who was the first?

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Nicknames are stored in a database, it is only a property of the field to make it unique.
Oldest account can keep the name, others would get Name1, Name2 …
Everybody should get a free name change to select a new name.

I know on Xbox, this game is technically not an online game. Online games require an xbox gold subscription and GOW does not. Accounts in GOW do not show anybody’s gamertag and GOW does not have an active multiplayer mode. I think not having unique nicknames is a part of this “under the radar” online gameplay

I’m Tibo and so is my wife! :rofl:

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I am surprised name changing isn’t monetized.

On one hand, it’s awesome you can have any name you want, even a common name like bob, with no worry that someone else who may not even play anymore has it.

On the other hand, easy name changes allows for impersonation as you pointed out. It is also annoying for me as GM when someone changes their name and I don’t know who they are, and my script that does weekly guild stats gets confused (I should fix it but… lazy).

Typically I see games having cooldowns on name changes to prevent impersonating, and/or allowing one free change then charging for more.

First name change is free and then it is 200 gems to change after that unless it has been changed since my last name change.

I know what you mean, the terberos who says all the stupid stuff is not me, this just seems to be one of those most wanted nicknames…


It is monetized, costs 200 gems!

Oh, huh, nevermind I’m dumb. I didn’t realize it cost gems. Just ignore me.