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XBox One - View Gamertag Needed

I have my Guild as open to new players, which causes an issue if they do not use Guild Chat or join Discord Channel (as suggested in welcome message). For instance, I have a few newer players who are active, but don’t grab seals. I have no way of contacting them to see if they are unaware of the tab and how it works. It would be great to see their tag in the Profile.

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People who don’t use their gamertag as their in-game name probably do this purposefully in order to avoid being contacted in such a manner :man_shrugging:

Unfortunately I believe Microsoft does not allow this do to their privacy rules.

When I play multi-player games everybody can see my GT, file false reports for hacking or cheating. Yet Gems allows others to impersonate others or change their screen name for free the 1st time, or a handful of gems after that. Just use GT. And allow Block for the spammers and trolls.

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Bingo @ChunkyMono. It also facilitates ALT creation, rival guild disruption, freeloading and everything else. Make users transparent and real. What’s the point in kicking an inactive if he namechanges with gems you earned him and then rejoins with a different avatar style and pet. How can I put this? Pure shite.


I have asked multiple times to display the invite code in the profile. While it will not prevent the creation of alts, it will allow you to spot those that constantly change names and hop guilds.


I’ve even had people join and message active players to leave the guild. It’s extremely frustrating when you’re trying to keep the guild active. I’ve also had people join then leave, which I assume is to grab rewards.


I’ve no idea why this resource raping and guild disruption is encouraged. No other game allows such duplicity. Be real or be gone.