Make Challenges Useful Again

I really like the ascension of the challenges and how the last 2 difficulties are usually very challenging/tough. However, playing on Warlord 1 in Arena, I can get just over 3000 souls/7000 gold for winning 8 fights. No real use for me to spend time gaining souls in the challenges, even with a strong Soul/farm team.

Suggestion? Make the Challenges relevant again, perhaps through a weekly event.


I SECOND THIS :slight_smile:

I would love to be able to re-do Quests and Challenges at Warlord levels…

So each Kingdom could be done 6 times.

I would adore that - especially with now having troops that make Soul Gathering in Challenges worth it.

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Yeah +1 to this.

At least make the Quests and Challenges contribute towards the kingdom power score (stars), so that people at least feel obliged to do them once.