Is there any bonus for kingdoms for doing all the challenges?

Just wondering, have a run with quests now. Hopefully there is no +5 gold bonus for doing challenges…

Challenges only give souls. Completing them all for a kingdom gives no particular benefit in 1.0.9.

The best way to utilize challenges is to turn on Warlord 3 or the highest difficulty that you can easily beat each match. This higher difficulty rating and armor will raise the souls you get at the end of each challenge.

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Thanks, got it. Piew…

if you do them at harder difficulties they do pay better. make sure to wear your +soul armor during the last one cause its the base 100 souls one. :slight_smile:

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@kzintiwife Is there any other kingdoms that has a parallell quest line as Adana and Khaziel?

Wow. i havent dont quests themselves since stormheim was new. So i have no idea.

@Nimhain - the above is why i would love to be able to redo the quests - the challenges have changed with all the new cards!

I don’t remember any Kingdom having special questlines besides Khaziel, except for the new class quests. What’s up with Adana?

You have to do the 1st quest of Adana and it unlocks more quests in Khaziel.

Oh? Maybe, I probably assimilated that part to Khaziel quest line… I do remember Sparkgrinder coming to Khaziel though…

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