Magic The Gathering - Poll Time!

Triggered by remarks on a few threads recently, thought I’d throw in a little poll here…

So do you play Magic The Gathering?

  • Yes, all the time
  • Yes, a little
  • No, but I used to
  • No, I despise it
  • Magic the what?

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EDiT: @lyya @Shimrra @cell… we know you guys do :stuck_out_tongue:

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It misses the option of… well just no, never used to either, but also don’t despise it :stuck_out_tongue:


Poll is also missing the I stopped playing MtG before most current MtG players were born option… :rolling_eyes:


Magic the what? xD

Sorry the tech here won’t let me edit the poll now, so please pick the nearest option… or go read bad press until you despise it…
(some adult language in that one)

…not that I agree with that bad press (much)… but trying to keep my voting population informed :smiley: or blanketed in propaganda, you choose…


No. D&D and MtG are two aspects of geek culture I didn’t get into.

That is me as well @actreal


I played a ton of MtG when I was in college… in the mid-90s. I still have a couple big boxes of cards in the attic, but haven’t played in a long, long time.

Me too…

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I used to play a bit, enough to gather the concepts and appreciate the design for what it is. I never got good at Magic, but a few of my friends were heavily invested and, despite going easy on me with handicapped decks, would mop the floor with me when I was foolish enough to challenge them.

Tabletop RPGs and RP in MMOs are probably my biggest nerd circles. I love roleplay.


I stopped playing when they released the hivemind archetype. Damn sliver srchtype i hope you burn.

i stopped when the borders went from white to black or black to white… cant remember- but like 1996? so a different century :stuck_out_tongue:


Play sometimes with friends…
my favorite card:



I started playing right around when Revised came out. Funny enough, it was with Fallen Empires that I started to get really into it. Started playing in tournaments around Ice Age. Then was out by the end of the Mirage block. Picked it back up a little via MTGO at the Scars of Mirrodin block, but I was out before it even finished.

I think it was the introduction of Type 2 that was the beginning of the end for me. As it became the sole option for tournament play I became less interested. I never had an amazing collection (owned a single Mox at one point, but none of the other Power 9), but it just seemed a lot less fun with the more restrictive rules. It was also a transparent cash grab.

Magic the Gardening? You mean something like this?

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I came in 6th place in a modern primer IQ and went undefeated until I faced a cheater, cheater, pumpkin eater named “Trevor” who was suspended for 5-6 year for his actions, I had to sell off my cards to help play a lawyer but am rebuilding my collection

(My 6th place deck)


Man, I wish I were qualified to make an assessment of your cards! Do people not use basic lands, or am I reading your deck list wrong?

Tournament play killed it for me, one deck to rule them all…

I played it in the before times.

It makes you feel old when you where there for Alpha, but bought Spellfire.


This deck I designed to make use of “utility” lands that I can retrieve from the graveyard with life from the loam, I would lock down a game and use graveyard lands/spells to go in for the kill