The Magic: the Gathering Thread

A lot of GoW players seem to be into Magic: the Gathering. So I figured I’d start a thread.

What kind of player are you?
What format do you play?
What are your favorite colors to play?
Favorite kind of deck? What different decks do you have?
What do you think of the new set coming out? (Kaladesh)
Favorite Planeswalker?

Personally, I’m a bit of a lore nerd, and I mostly play casually. I try to keep most of my decks Modern-legal, but I am by no means a competitive Modern player. One of my roommates is though, and I find it honestly very offputting and his sheer competetive-ness has started to drive me away from playing and more towards collecting and lore.

As for colors, I fancy myself a Green/Black mage , though I can pull out a mono-white deck in a pinch. My white deck is my answer to most competetive players and is actually probably worth quite a hefty sum with all of the work I’ve put into it, but it is heavily influenced by the flavor of Serra’s Realm. Big, white angels and boardwipes for days. It’s all I really get to play with how aggressive and competetive my roommate is, but I still prefer my G/B deck that likes stalling out games and letting them go for a long time, eventually shredding my deck into the graveyard and keeping myself alive with Bow of Nylea. Mass reanimation is the name of the game, and I love things like that.

Where Kaladesh is concerned, I really wish I liked the setting more, but the writing coming with it on their forums is incredibly interesting, and I probably have to catch up a bit now. But it seems a nice transition into the set coming afterwards, and a showdown with Nicol Bolas.

Oh, also, Panharmonicon is broken, and it’s not even out yet. I’m just going to put that out there.

EDIT: I forgot to mention that Lili is my favorite 'walker. Favorite printing of her is probably Dark Realms. Veil is too overplayed. Dark Realms has some serious combo potential and sees play in one of my side-project mono black decks that (ideally) likes to triple Dark Ritual into something massive first turn

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I don’t play, but just for completeness’ sake, there’s an old thread that has a lot of M:tG stuff in it for cross-reference:

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You’re awesome, Lyya. I didn’t know that existed, and it didn’t show up with the similar topics popup.

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Lyya knows all. She’s the all-seeing eye!

What kind of player are you?
I am a chaos b/w player.
What format do you play? Depends, All cards legal at 4, max deck size is 100 min size 40
What are your favorite colors to play? B/W
Favorite kind of deck? I call it the orzhov guild deck
What different decks do you have? Not many and mostly all of them are guild specific like the izzet guild
What do you think of the new set coming out? (Kaladesh) I know little to nothing about it, Source?
Favorite Planeswalker? Ajani goldmane

Also my favorite types are elves and slivers.

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Elves and slivers? Funny, my roommate is actually writing a story about a war between the two tribes. He also runs the netdeck Legacy elves. And the Modern version as well. Complete with playset s of Gaea’s Cradle.

My fiancé has a ton of magic cards from when he was younger. Bins full.

He switched over to the PC version and convinced me to play with him. I don’t like physical card games (hellooooo money pit), but the electronic version of Magic is so much fun! I’ve played Planeswalker and the one before it. I’ve always really enjoyed white based decks (matched with any color).

I don’t know anything about the lore, but I appreciate the beautiful artwork and the fun mechanics/cards :slight_smile: I just play it very casually with my fiancé in two headed giant mode. Its a blast unlocking cards through playing and can get quite challenging. It’s my favorite card game for sure!

Maybe one day he’ll be able to convince me to try out some of his decks.

I used to play Magic, about 20 years ago…

Now we just play Pokemon TCG, which my children are really into…

What kind of player are you?
Filthy casual, Johnny

What format(s) do you play?
EDH, casual

What are your favorite colors to play?
Depends on the day. Rarely do I have more than a slight preference.

Favorite kind of deck? What different decks do you have?
Goofy, Rube Goldbergian synergy. (Built a deck that accidentally produced a seven-card infinite mana/damage/life/creatures combo.) I’ve got 9/10 of the 2014/2015 commander precons.

What do you think of the new set coming out?
The four-color commander decks will fill a void in my EDH arsenal.

Favorite Planeswalker?
Teferi has been my favorite ever since he was introduced in the lore for Mirrage.

I havent played since my schooldays and ended up giving away all my cards to a friend that still played it, he was very happy.

I only played right after alpha, beta, revised, up until mirage/alliance times. So i am unaware of what Mtg has evolved into.

I used to play a Mishra’s deck with land/tokens and renewed the playing field with a nevynirals disk and then quickly was able to turn land into 2/2 troops, combined with some enchantment cards you could tick the opponent down before he had a chance to setup again.

I want to read that story. With slivers hive mind and elves mana production and token summoning ability from Rhys the Redeemed, among others, i would love to know the death totals, or match a movie about it.

At Time Spiral’s block the novel books shows as Freyalise has been managing to keep the slivers under control since the hive doesn’t have a queen anymore, since Tempest block if i’m not mistaken. And she uses the saprolings and fungus to fight, contain and feed the slivers that would otherwise rampage through Llanowar risking the lives of the elves.

Casual player but hard core collector - old school up to 6 edition.

Format - Old school before Rev 7. Decks ranges from 80-90 cards average. But I have played a pure 60 card deck

Red/White (with a little black to really mess things up) decks. Though I was what you call a themed deck creator, the sillier the better :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Favorite card - WALLS!!! My heaven and Hell deck
Silliest Deck - Toss Thallids, Thallid Thooters and Thallid of it

I haven’t bought any magic since just before 7th Ed because of some of the changes.

I’m a casual player and mostly build decks with cards from any set (no standard here).

I’m mainly Green/ Black user, but I also have Red/ Green, and White/ Black.

I also have fun creating decks around a theme, so I have an elf deck, werewolf deck and enchantment deck.

I really don’t like Eldrazi cards except for collecting.


I have a mono-red deck that I describe as “I have played this deck for 13 years, and I still don’t know what it does.” Almost every card in the deck involves either coinflips or is a card that my opponent gets to choose what it does. When playing that deck, I will often tell my opponents, “If I win, that is not my fault.”


I played extensively till about Mercadian Masques. I managed to qualify for the Dutch championship as biggest achievement. All the cards from then are safely stored in a cupboard, alphabetized, all 15k of them (rough guess).

My playstyle is control/combo/griefer. Blue/white preferred.
I still read Making Magic, the stories and Latest Developments as soon as each comes out (weekly).

Favorite planeswalker, I dunno. I have never played with any. Jace does look like a good choice.

I’m a Johnny/Spike, the subtype that wants to shine by knowing how to play their deck as best as possible

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I started playing around when 3rd edition came out. Never got the really good cards like black lotus and mox gems though :frowning: Stopped around the time they changed the rules and made interrupts instants which I think was 6th edition. Still occasionally play the Xbox versions.

Wish they would remake something like the old Microprose PC version, I actually used to be in the top ten for multiplayer on that. Had a sweet 5 color speed deck that could get occasional third turn kills, and the rare second turn kill. Three Giant growths / unstable mutations on a scryb spryte / flying man finished with a berserk for 20 points lol
Ring of ma’ruf was most fun card ever in that game.


I had a R/G “explosion” deck with Kird Apes, Scrybs, etc. and the giant growths/unstables/berserker. It was tons of fun. Never had amazing success with it, but thoroughly enjoyed it.

I loved experimenting and trying weird combos. Only deck I ever had great success with was a R/B land destruction deck, which I won a couple of local tournaments with. I remember an epic finals where I beat a nasty white weenie deck via sideboarding in 3 Glooms and getting a couple of lucky Dark Ritual + Gloom draws in the first few turns.

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My favorite elf. I made a deck around his second ability.

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I love that card. One of my friends used to run a green/black deck based around tokens, and Rhys made it nearly unstoppable once it got going

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