Ready Kafka? (MTG)


found this today, thought of you :smiley: [note: I didn’t make it]Ready_Kafka

Pretty weak card at sorcery speed with its casting cost. Be playing that on myself.

Yeah like, you have to lose a creature and pay 4 mana so you’d better be pretty confident you’ve got something sick to topdeck. I can imagine scenarios where you want it, maybe you’ve got good death triggers, maybe you just did some trickery. I play limited so this is a no-go without a lot of other things already in my deck.

Limited would be rough. Constructed I imagine only token producing spells and a couple bomb creatures in my deck. Sac a token get a bomb. Sounds good to me.

That is precisely what I would use it for, I’ve seen similar strategies in another TCG I’m playing. Usually aimed at an 11-cost creature.

Most fan cards make me facepalm.

What happens to the rest of the revealed cards that aren’t a creature? Are they put into the graveyard, put at the bottom of the deck in a random order, or torn into shreds and thrown onto the table like Chaos Confetti?

The world may never know.


They all go up for ante

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