Magic The Gathering - Poll Time!

Ah, interesting!

I believe 4th edition is when I started playing magic the gathering and eight edition is when i stopped around the time scourge was released.

For anyone who wants to get a feel for what current >casual< MtG play is like, I would recommend checking out the Magic: Duels client on either Steam or consoles. It is true F2P, with over 1000 cards you can unlock via either PvAI or PvP or both. The 2HG format is also supported.

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I looked into Magic’s digital games a while back, but it was after I’d played some Hearthstone, and Magic’s interrupt-based gameplay just doesn’t translate well to an online match (in my opinion). Hearthstone is decidedly simpler, but benefits from you being able to play cards on your turn quickly, not having to wait for your opponent to allow moves to complete (or time out).

Is it bad that I remember when that set came out?

EDIT: I started around antiquities and Revised (3rd edition), played through the Ice age cycle, took a break, came back, then switched to the online version. Spent way too much money there drafting. I still love drafting (read: Arena) but don’t touch MtG anymore. Too expensive, too many rules, too much hassle. If I wanted to learn a bunch of rules to play a cerebral card game, I’d play bridge.

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The timer in Magic: Duels is very fast, a matter of seconds. Slow play will cause you to forfeit matches.

When I tried to play Duels it the servers were terrible and they were very slow to release updates. Definitely not as smooth as Hearthstone.

Looks like a fun deck! I got 1st and 2nd in Type 1 tournaments using a land destruction deck. It was right as Ice Age came out, which made cards cheaper, gave more land destruction options, and made Red/Black more viable. That, of course, was before there was a big tournament scene, so it was local stuff with like 20-50 people.

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I’ve voted: “Yes a little.” Mostly because i have less time to play, but since i work at a Game Store i’m constantly surrounded by MTG, Pokémon, Boardgames and this kind of stuff, i love the job, not so much some of our clients…
@Cell i see you have a fine taste into bringing despair to your opponents, i have a discard deck not very competitive, but fun (for me only) in the likes of yours. Not very fancy with Lilianas and/or expensive lands.
But, my “Friendship Destroyer” GW Enchantress deck (Legacy) was really good, a shame i’ve sold it years back, but with Eternal Masters i think i’ll rebuild it.
Had some really neat collections, FNM, Player Rewards, Foil Planeswalkers… Sold it because i was needing the money and now i’m rebuilding it all, starting from Battle for Zendikar, got really lucky and opened a total of 12 Expeditions.


Anyone ever get into HeroClix?

I still have a complete 1st edition set of DC Hypertime somehow lol.

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Oh, a really fun fact i forgot to mention: I’ve only found GoW because of Magic the Gathering. There are groups where people personalize some tokens to print and use as an accessory to the game, some effects/spells put tokens into play, and then some player has used Faunessa’s art to make a Satyr Token and i got really interested in the art and the copright reference for the art was “Gems of War”.
Some research later and in the middle of Wild Fang’s event release for PC/Mobile i’ve decided to play the game because it had Gnolls (too few and not good yet, but well…) and after that, here i am.


Maybe i am a casual player but anyone play unglued or unhinged?

HeroClix is after my time, but I was super into Mage Knight for a while!

Me too, and Mech Warriors for awhile

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If i’m not mistaken (not in the mood to google it now) Mage Knight bankrupted and all rights were bought by some company that started using the engine to create Heroclix of any franchise like Marvel, DC, Lord of the Rings…

Exactly! WizKids was the name of that company.

Wizkids history is just full of hands.

Back then the Mage Knight figures were really well made, today’s Heroclix, except a few rare cases, are really :poop:.
Maybe i still have an Ogre from Mage Knight first sets, i couldn’t play it back then because miniatures were really expensive, today with all 3D modelling tech we can get some fairly good minis with a few bucks.
MTG on the other hand is still made of paper and some cards are worth a couple hundreds… It’s like printing money without being a federal bank.


Poll now closed… Results are… Unsurprising :slight_smile:

I was surprised that some people like myself still play the game. Unglued/unhinged too fun.