Evolution of Card Art


Hey, i saw that on twitter and decided to post here, which one is your favorite?


Imo version 2 was the best


2nd was the best I think.


I started playing at the second version, but to me the first one is the best.


Version 2 definitely


Version 2.

Version 4 is too modern, but improved from 3.

I still don’t know why they had to type out the word “LEVEL”, 20 is sufficient. They could go all the way and add a ton of worthless text everywhere… “TROOP”: Autumn Imp. 'KINDOM": Primal, “LIFE, ARMOR, SHIELD” at the bottom above the icon symbols. At the top add “MANA COST: 12” under the brown circle, “ASSENSIONS”. Slap the word “TRAITS” along the left for kicks.


i like the version 1. :grin:


Version 4 here.

I like the crisp new feel.


version 2 for me.


My favorite is version 1. Version 1 also had the coolest card frame in battle, none of which were shown in that comparison.

These days, the card frame is 2 colored lines. :laughing:


version 1

also miss the days of 2 legends from 1 gold key yes you read that right new players! that is how far the game has come xD


I like version 1
(really like the screenshot @en9nhcet posted above). :slight_smile:


Especially when the announcer yelled out Legendary!


Version 2>Version 1>Version 4>Version 3.

Version 2, with its different borders and - in battle - stars was the only version which made it easy for colorblind people to see what rarity the troops were. Also easy to read numbers and fantasy prettiness.


Version 2 for me, although I have to point out v4 is way better than v3


Version 2!


My vote would go to version 2 followed by version 4.


For all the hate on v3, it is the only one that shows magic on the front of the card with the other three stats. Why did we lose that?


Judging by the layout change of stats on version 4, if you added magic, it would reduce the readability of the stats overall because the font size would need to be reduced substantially.


If only there were a display option for the player to choose…

Funny how, with the evolution of the card art, this legally blind person has found it more difficult to actually read the cards. :confused: