Magic The Gathering - Poll Time!

I play the MtG on and off depending on free time and how much I get upset when I don’t get the lands I need to actually make a play.


I still get a wild hair and play every once in a while. I have about 5000 cards in my garage. I started with revised. I was a Thallid King!! Loved those buggers!

But today’s magic is just waaaaaay to overpowered. There is now a green creature that is 8/8 and has trample that has a casting cost of… 3 green, I believe. That is just stupid…

But either way, MtG FTW!! :wink:


There are some creatures with high power/toughness for a lesser cost of mana, but not a 8/8 Trample for three manas. There is Force of Savagery from Future Sight Block, but it is 8/0:

It can only stays alive as it enters into the battlefield if you have anything that would give it some stactic bonus of at least +0/+1 like:


Here is a necro worth bringing back. Found it @Dustin1280

Where was I at when this thread came to be?! I know I voted in the poll. Mage Knights!!! My friends and I were crazy over MK when it was around.

Ah ha! I remember this topic, I have been playing Hex TCG (very similar to magic) these days, and most the campaign content, to a much lesser extent actual PVP.

Ever get into collecting/playing Pokemon, Yugioh, LOTR, or Warhammer?

Just trying to get a feel for what all you’re interested in or were in my case.

I had a battle for middle earth RISK set, that was a lot of fun.

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I played Pokemon a long time ago, loved the Yugioh video games but never collected the cards.

As for warhammer, too slow for my taste and having to measure everything. Not a huge fan of full out war games as there is to much stuff to manage.

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I got into Pokemon a little bit, have some cards somewhere the only thing of any worth, if it still exists in my collection is my first edition Foil Charizard! :wink:

I played Warhammer, Mordheim (preferred this to WH), and Blood Bowl but never owned any sets. TOO expensive to get into. But my real bread and butter was DnD

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Yeah those cards are worth some SERIOUS money now. Wish I held on to mine. Also wish I had the money back I spent on Yugioh for years, that would be some serious money too. lol

I never played D&D because it seemed like it took a lot to learn, and time consuming. Loved watching people at my local shop play it though. Some fun nights.

The moral of the story here is I spend way too much money on my hobbies.

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I spent more weekends then I care to admit in college playing D&D. And I mean we left campus mid Friday began campaigning and played through to Monday morning. With very little sleep happening…
I was in one campaign that lasted 5 years, that character was still only up to level 16 when things finally came to an end… (See Getting Married and How it F*cks With Your Free Time!)

I do miss gaming… (and the weight of that term in that sentence means something completely different then “gaming” which any table top RPGer will understand.) :thinking: :slight_smile: :disappointed:

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I think MTG actually takes about as much learning as D&D. I played both in school and with D&D we just made sure the DM had the manual so could look stuff up when we didn’t know what to do.

Thinking about it, I can’t remember if I sold my MTG cards or not. I wonder…


I wouldn’t say as much… It’s variable:

  • Going into the competitive territory literally turns MTG, any CCG to be honest, into something very complex and time consuming, needing train and study, so as much dedication as any sport would take considering that there is a prize.

  • More casual gameplay as any popular hobby don’t takes a lot to be “mastered”, while i think RPGs does takes a little more, i would say, since it needs a few more people involved to shape the narrative, the character creation and to schedule some meetings for the actual gameplay.

That’s an advantage the CCGs have over the RPGs, you need a deck and you need to find someone with a deck too so both can play (assuming that both knows the rules), while on RPGs you need to know the rules and find more people to play with (also assuming everyone knows the rules of the system) starting a group or finding one that would allow you to join into the current adventure.

It’s not that CCGs are better than RPGs, but considering today’s modern life routines it’s been remarkably hard to keep up some campaigns in RPGs even using the advent of the internet, than it is to find places and people to play CCGs casually.