Lyya's artwork (Tumblr link)


tumblr and reddit in case anyone wants to upvote or like.


Working on this now.


I love seeing all your art Lyya. Please keep it coming!



The background gives much more life to it. Nice work. :slightly_smiling_face:


A Halloween-themed image in progress.
Marking as spoiler as it is a little on the racy side.

full res link


Nice but the wings on the head are too much imo


Canonically Morrigan does have wings on her head. :slight_smile:


Cool sorry i don’t know that character


Flat colors!

(Pulled it it of spoilers, those seem to ruin the image quality D:)


And some rough shading:


Today’s progress:


Great job on the pose! I Love how shiny the leggings are!


More refinement. Last spam before final I promise :confused:


You can spam whenever you want they are awesome’


Final! Finally!


Quick ink of Sombra for Inktober.


I don’t want to flood your thread with art from others, but i can’t help myself when i just have the right reaction image, that’s all. :smile:


More Inktober fun:


These are really neat, if you ever decide to venture in making some mini action pages, like pages of a comic book, this style certainly brings out some nice results and a nostalgic feeling of the old-school art. Or if you could try wrinting some small stories with some art for the scenes you would like to illustrate.

I hope you find enough time and enjoyment to pursue this passion in your upcoming future. :slightly_smiling_face:

Please learn to drawn arctic foxes, you’re my only hope “Lyya Kenobi”. :wink: