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Lvl 613 looking for a high ranking guild on PS4

I just recently quit my solo guild in search of an active one (hopefully in the top 25) to keep the rewards up in this game. I’m up for pretty much any tribute/trophy minimum. Although I’m not sure what they would be for the top 25, but I’m thinking 500k/750 trophies-ish? Thank you.

Edit - Found one.

750 Trophys minimum lol seriously ? its rare someone get over 750 Trophys here ( Santa´s big Gifts ) and we are by far the most active Guild / strongest Trophy Players

we have 200 Trophys 500k Gold but full + waiting list :confused:

Ah, no problem. Also that 750 does seem high now that you mention it. I just had no clue what high ranking guilds used as minimums :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah realistic is 50 Trophys 75k for Rank 10+ top 6 100 Trophys 100k Gold ( what i heared from other Guilds)

we just have 500k because insane total donate 100k would look like a Freeloader