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Looking for active Guild on Ps4

Hi iam looking for active Guild on Ps4 I am a daily player.I can do over 200 trophys a week and donate 50 per cent of what I earn as I need to level my kingdoms.up.many thanks Dai

You’re welcome to join us at quimby.

What’s your invite code?

I see you you’re sorted, no worries. I’m too slow!

What rank is your guild and requirements please

Not sorted yet until iam invited lol

I just ask for an active member, we’re number 69 in the top league and I think the guild rank is 85, I’m lvl 320 or thereabouts. If you want accurate figures I’ll post them in the morning. All turned off now.

My invite code is nephilim, but I thought that was so I could join a guild, not for people to join us, unless I’m mistaken. We’re a friendly bunch and donate what we can and I play every day, as do a few other members, some donate 100k a week, some 50, some less but if they’re new then I don’t mind helping them out.

Nephilim, I’d be happy to have you, we 12 people right now, ranked #97

Contact me anytime with your invite code on PSN : hiruma9702

Rank 27 guild here. Crimson Skies. Can see us if you look at top 50 guilds.

Hi, thanks but we’re ranked 69 and we are trying have a mix of older more experienced players who’ll donate a decent amount and newer guys who’ll help out where possible and stay loyal and learn. I’ve donated over 250k this week alone!

Misguided misfits #2 have one spot free…
100 trophies and 100k minimum

I am the only quadriped to host a guild on PS4, and with good reason; Equestrian Conquest has risen to the top 200 guilds. My only requirement is that, unless you’re a known stud at this game and can burst-fire trophies at will, you at least check in evey two weeks. Low earners get less leeway. The only exception is Osborn, the name of a character a friend made when they decided to check out Gems of War. Osborn is protected by the Friendship Clause. Everypony else is subject to the two-week rule. Donations are at your own discretion; I have no idea where people are at kingdom-wise. You can PM me at my PSN cla1rvoyantcha1r. Hope to see you on the battlefield!