PS4 Guild ,,Santa´s big Gifts,, Rank 1 recruite

Hej we are a Team of high active Players ( always 6000+ Trophys a Week)

big donates and much Trophys too :slight_smile: ( 4-5 Guildlevels a Day )

Trophys 180000 Guildlevel 975( many Hardcore Players)

if you are Level 300++ and high active

PSN Claussanta86

I’m at 101 at the moment but I play a lot. Played some 400?? PVP and won 340. $124,000 in gold at the moment. The guild I was in I contributed a lot. I know I’m not at your 200+ level requirement but I just started playing this in Jan.

perhaps you can join a Guildmember quited Gems of War because he dont like the Update :confused: but i have a Level 350 that asked for invite 1-2 Days ago . I will ask him first

sry for bad English iam German

no free Spot but just update Rank 4 now :wink:

Hi, I’m looking for an active PS4 guild with at least 4500 trophies (equivalent to my current guild).

I’m the only active person in my guild at the moment earning about 200 trophies a week and play every day. My current guild doesn’t even have an active leader spending the guild upgrade points.

I’m level 161 and like I said I play regularly.

PSN: FoldinBoxes

push PSN Claussanta86

recruite open

1 free Spot

2 free spot not less then 150 pls :>

Rank 2 now :smiley:

Rank 1 :smiley: btw 1 free Spot

2 free Spots 150 + pls PSN Claussanta86

another 2 free Spots PSN Claussanta86

1 free Spot

An claussanta

Knight coronet
Dwarf lord

All Mystic

Kann das sein? :slight_smile:

2 free Spots 150 + pls :>

+1 for the guild name. :slight_smile:

still 2 Spots on PS4 high Players are rare -.-

another 2 free Spots 150+ PSN Claussanta86

Level 82 but very active. Have dragon armor and tired of carrying guild I’m in. Looking for better opportunities.

Invite code RAPHIUS_EQ2Y.

would love to be a part of the crew!