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Looking for a strong guild. LVL 201

LVL 201 150+ trophies/50k Contribution per week. Looking for a strong guild with active members and 100+ trophies/massive contribution entrance requirement. Tired of carrying… :slight_smile:


I sent you an invite, come check out our guild, I am looking for active players. 10k a week plus all tasks completed, of course having 3 members, I do most of it so far, looking for fun, glory and respect in gaming.

This guild has had a recent change in leadership. So, please join us and “Hammer Our Foes into Glory!”

50k ? your Contribution is too low . If you want a very good Guild you should get easy 150-200k + a Week. Its easy to find Player with 200k Donate nothing Special

just a Tip 50k is just Zzzzzzz sry :> even Rank 11 has 75k requirement.

Thank you for that advice, I will use it.

if you write ‘’ i want a top Guild but i only donate 50k’’ seriously this wont work . Thats why you got no replys here only from a 3 Member Guild.

with 150 Trophys 200k donate is very easy

if i look at our donates from the 150~ Trophy Players 300k+

Crimson Sky is taking in new members and we’re pretty flexible on our requirements…we’re rank 26 and require 15,000 gold and 30 trophies a week…but this is changing soon

@pirtdica Chaotic Tide might be what you are looking for. We have members ranging from lvl 150-1000 and all we ask is 100 trophies, 1k seals, 100k gold weekly. We are ranked 148 on the leader boards and are maxing out 2-3 statues per week. Let us help you get to the next level!