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Lvl 60ish? Join TEAM BEZOAR! Lower/higher levels welcome(;€~tentacle mouth

Looking for players, I log in mostly every day, 290/140,000 trophy/gold overall, 67/140,000 weekly so if we get enough similar players this guild will jump up the ranks. Started out at place 10,000 in February. now at ~2200 with only 3 contributing members, no free loaders here, I boot people for not logging in enough or not contributing enough, but fairly. I put all $ into the guild and expect my members to as well. Currently going for keys before the next update. Look up bezoar

Joining this guild ensures you’ll get a lot of rewards from completed guild tasks as I assume the tasks get harder/more expensive the longer a guild has been around. We’re relatively a new but are picking up steam just need more dedicated players to complete those tasks! Join my team and you’re going to get a lot of high fives.

High fives are in addition to regular guild rewards.

Team Bezoar welcomes Nadz! Who is double my level.

With the addition of Nadz and our normal daily trophy pull of only 3 other peeps we jumped 100 spots in the guild ranks today, thanks Nads! Many spots open and quite a road to go on our way to displace team poopoo, whoops I mean pewpew! :wink: