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[FULL] Rank 85 Guild wants YOU to join our journey to the top!

Are you looking for an up and coming guild that’s casual but dedicated? Look no further than Robin Puds Merry Men! We are currently ranked #85 and looking for active members to join us as we grow our guild into greatness!

We currently achieve the 10k-20k chest each week, with plenty of rewards for tasks completed. Our requirements are set by rank, with the lowest rank only requiring 10k in gold donation each week. We encourage our members to focus on leveling up their kingdoms rather than high weekly donations, as it helps us all in the end!

Besides weekly rewards, you’ll also get a great network of players that are friendly and always willing to help each other! Our dedicated group continues to grow and reach better rewards, come join us!


Can you please invite my friend and ex quimby member fragolina-banana?

Invite sent! We’re looking forward to having her!

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Do you still have any slots left?
My invite code is MITKO-KEREZOV_G9ND

Any spots open and I’m Lv 532 what would my req’s be? I play daily and can donate 250k+/week in gold, 1500 seals, and 100-150 trophies. Thanks!!

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We do have a few spots left and would be happy to have you! Send me your invite code?

Hi Mitko - I tried to send you an invite, but it shows that you are currently in a guild. If you would still like to join our guild, please leave the guild you are currently in and I’ll send you the invite.

Hi Gabbryrose sorry about that - I’m good to go now

Thanks Mitko, I resent your invite. Welcome aboard!

We still have one spot left! Join us today before Guild Wars begins!

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Good luck!

Still have one spot available. Join us now before the start of next week’s guild wars!

Invite sent! Welcome aboard!

Got room for one more


Is there a room for me? I’m level 70 currently. Doneting around 80k per week to my current guild, but there is only 15 members and i don’t see future there. I can give around 70 trophies.

My ingame: AVAKIS_6ABT

Please send inv.

Mate wanna murge our guild we are rank 52 with plenty of free space

If you have an open in your guild I’d be happy to be able to join. I’m above level 200 and working on leveling my kingdoms. I’ve hit max guild seals since I started playing and the last two guild wars I won all matches.
Right now I’m in a guild that has max members but only 8 are active (including myself).
I’m looking just for a more active guild. The 10K weekly is no problem.