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Lvl 57 looking for an active guild that completes a lot of guild tasks

I am a pretty active member that hits t1 every week can donate at least 50k gold and at least 100 trophies. I was hoping I could find an active guild that can complete a lot of guild task so I could level my current troops up more effectively.

How are your Kingdoms as far as upgrades, and how much Seals can you help contribute?

We are a new guild, very active. Looking for members.
Lvl doesn’t matter, we want to help eachother.

I imagine I could donate at least 800 seals per week probably more. As of right now I have every kingdom unlocked and I am currently trying to finish up their questlines and upgrade them.

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Hey! If you haven’t found anyone, feel free to shoot me your invite code, I made a post about recruitment for my guild (Diamond 3, trying to hit consistent 20k boxes, rank 3,800ish) - let me know if you’re interested!

Link to post: [Open] Guild Recruitment - "iBuyGuilds" [16/30]

Deus nox is a small guild but we are trying to grow, we have active members and hit 5k seal bonus as of right now just need more member to help contribute more seals. we complete as much tasks as we can but a lot of member are still upgrading their kingdoms including myself. let me know if you are interested. we are at Plat 2 gold rewards