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Level 80 player looking for guild, can do 1500 seals GUILD FOUND, Thanks

I’m relatively new here, but I’ve advanced far enough that I think I can manage 1500 seals. Ideally I’d like a guild with a low gold requirement, so I can keep investing in my kingdoms, which are not yet done. I think I can contribute 100-200k if needed.

I’m also happy to merc for just a couple days or weeks if you need an extra player here or there. Just PM me.

Hey! You’re Welcome to my guild, Lucid Remedy. We’re Rank 527 currently. You won’t have to worry about donating all your gold you’re welcome to save it for your kingdoms.

Honor guard needs members that can donate seals THIS WEEK. Lvl 285 rank 52. No gold min.:slight_smile:

Deus nox would love to have you, we are still growing so if you want to help a guild grow instead of just reap the rewards of established ones send me a message we are high 3k ranking at the moment and climbing. we are active casual and no requirements. seals help

I found a spot in an awesome guild - thanks everyone!