Lvl 42 Daily player available for casual daily guild

I play the game intelligently and maximize opportunities to complete tasks (i.e. saving 5 iron keys til the ‘use five iron keys’ task rotates through)

Temporarily in a crappy guild I joined before I knew better. I do well in the arena, and I’ll contribute daily gold. (Currently sitting on 15k+ in gold.)

Gamer tag is zMySTRMySTRyz

Will take the necessary steps to join a guild asap. I have the weekend off…lol.

Fyi…the rock worm(with a brown/earth bonus) has saved my butt too many times. Destroy 'em from back to front!

if you wanna join Birch Team - second in the league give me a call


I’ve got stuff to do now…I’ll hit ya up when I can.

ok. just send me your inv code

You ll be welcom in my guild too (Zombie Ashe). Top 129 rank. Bye


The weekend was way busier than expected. Anyway…

Let’s do this!

Invite code GEAUX_E2MR


WE HAVE 2/22 PLAYER AND WE ARE ON 700+ RANKING :slightly_smiling:

Dobij do Birch Team emsiak. O ile alkohol nie wyłącza Cię z grania na dłużej niż tydzień… mam akurat dwa wolne miejsca

Tomorrow i ll send u an invite.

ale my z kumplem we 2 mamy gildie … i jestesmy na 750 rankingu we 2 juz :smiley: , szkoda nam wydanego hajsu ;/, dlaczego szukamy ludzi do nas :slight_smile:

You’re welcom. I send you an invit.
My Gamertag : zombie ashe
My guild : zombie ashe
Top 120 rank. Very active players.
+11 in mana brown
Welcom friend.

U re in another guild. U have to leave if u want to join…