Lvl 110 Good bone dragon team

Hi, I recently opened a Bone Dragon and need good teams recomendation for him.


They are numerous, and it depends on troops you have.

The Bone Dragon is a double-blade sword.
He creates a deadly board full of skulls, but no guaranteed extra-turn.

So you need to:
Make sure you profit from it.
Prevent the opponent from benefiting.

To profit:
Have a troop that can attack, of course. So traits that prevent entanglements are good, same with freeze. If you struggle against big armors like Gorgotha, options are Enrage, Armor piercing Traits, or just changing opponent order. Check you collection for these tools.

You can also just blow the skulls with an exploder. Damage is decent, and can be improved with Hunter Mark.

You must survive the rain of skulls. So be either a wall in front (armored troop, self growing troop, avoiding traits) or impair the attacker (entangle, freeze, reduce attack)

Of course, the power choice here are difficult to acquire and trait. Things like a full trait Sylvanimora or Elemaugrim works well, but at your level I doubt you have those. Same for Carnex and Gorgotha.

Some basic commons, like the Warhound, can completely remove the attack stat and help prevent damage.

So yes, no real answer since I don’t know you collection.

Some more common troops to consider:
Giant Crab
Bog Strider (with traits)
Ice Golem (with traits)
War Hound


Once you have bone dragons 3rd trait it stops extra turns from skulls by freezing the enemy.

Using some khatar troops such as Wight for true damage ( leaving their armour as a resource for bone dragon) and skeleton to fill the board with skulls to increase the chance of bone Dragon getting a 4 match. Also setite warrior does damage based on an allies armour benefiting from bone dragons armour increase.

Uses mana generators like giant spider, dark troll or green slime to get purple mana. Also consider troops that generate brown mana if your team need it.

I see a Tacet video with crimson bat, masticore, courage and dragon. I have them all. Thoughts?

Crimson bat is good true damage with a third trait that does mega damage to wounded opponents. 1 cast from crimson will damage all without harming the armour, that bone Dragon uses. Since they don’t share colours it’s even better.

The team sounds well balanced, give it a go, but bone Dragon and crimson bat are a strong combo

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Another question: I need about 12 arcane skull traitstones and I’m farming them in Darkstone but the drop ratio its ridiculous! Another method to farm them?

Thank you very much!

Drop rates are not affected by difficulty, play for speed. Traitstones can also be obtained from glory packs (with troop) and soulforge…

But speed farming is the recommended way, you might also hit a gnome as well

Yup! I’m exploring with sunbird, rowanne, 2x fire bomb at 4x speed un normal and almost get 2 lvls for 1 Stone… :disappointed:
Edit: WoW 2 Stones in a row!

@Venar made a great post and to it I would add my thoughts.

There are some Troops in the game which can randomly spawn Skulls and just as one example The Devoted does it plus she does a full Team Cleanse.

What you can do with these troops is get their Cast charged up but hold onto it until you cast Bone Dragon. Then right after the BD cast (not stopping to swap any Skull matches BTW) and with so many leftover Skulls on the board, you can add in more with a Skull Spawning Troops to extend the beatdown on the AI.

As to your other question, the reason Tacet used Courage was because at on time his attack-buffing Trait was “bugged” so you’d get way too much Attack buff, but that has been fixed a long time ago. In a broad sense, any team you see in a video which is older than about 6 months (and that includes my own) is pretty much no longer usable due to changes to the game on a deep level.

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So instead courage you recomend another troop or is better change the entire build?

Well you’d have to experiment because each player’s roster of available Troops (and their levels, Traits, etc) is different.

In a general sense Courage is yesterday’s news so I would say new build of your own creation, borrowing from what you like that others have done. One of the best aspects of this game, honestly not given as much credit it as I feel is due, is how adaptable it is to every player’s individual play style.

Do you have Sylvanimora? It’s really an awesome combo.
Bone Dragon
Dragon Soul
Works really well.
But it’s heavy to trait

Don’t have sylvanimora. My legends are orion, bone dragon, behemoth, crimson bat, king highforge and great maw. As epics I saw some amazing combos with princess elspeth and I have it.

You can just actually just mash most your legendaries together and it should work.



This works well and fast too


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Have them all, I will try. Which banner is this? don’t have it.

You could make dwarf team if you have the troops.

Lord Ironbeard
Lady Ironbeard
King Highforge

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Don’t have Ironbeards pair. Yesterday opened Queen titania and gog and gud. I don’t know if they are worth It…

Queen Titania is a pretty decent troop, Gog and Gud is fun but not that useful in my opinion.

You’ll get the Ironbeards soon enough as they’re purple and not legendary.