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Remember the fun of Bone Dragon?


This team lets you Freeze Troops that hit you with Skulls then shatter their bones


4th Troop could be many things, be creative, especially because you’ll need the team to remain viable should if/when/you choose to have BD die. Protection, Entangle, Freeze or Cleanse. Sylvanimora would be perfect (but then you don’t get the enemy Freeze on hit) but there are many options including Ragnagord or Owl for fast-fill strategy.

In an ideal world Cast Ysabell on BD, Priestess on BD, then BD.


This one is legit. Priestess has to go before Bone Dragon or it usually falls apart.



When you Devour choose Drake Rider because when Traited he has 100% resurrect.

Priestess Casts on Black Beast. Black Beast Heals to full on his Cast/Devour.

Fast-Traited Ragnagord fills in a 3 Match Red with a Mana Surge. DP is secondary gather priority on Purple.

You could switch out Drake Rider for a Blue Mana Troop to reduce chances of getting Mana-screwed. Really team should be dead without needing a 2nd Devour so that is a very sensible swap-out. I think I know what goes nicely there that takes Blue and doesn’t step on Ragnagord’s toes :slight_smile:

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