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Lost Winds Rank #2 Guild is recruiting

The guild Lost winds is searching for new members. Our guild lvl is 670 and masteries all above 113+ , first bracket in gws .Weekly requirements are min 300 trophies, min 550k gold and 1500 seals, lvl 1000+ and or teamrating above 9500. We finish all the tasks monday and we do tons of legendaries and we reach 40k seals mostly mid week. If you are interested just hit me up. :slight_smile:

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Bumpy bump

Hey, still looking for new members?

Yes 2 spots left :slight_smile: msg me on PSN ‘NotoriousClutch’

5 spots now. We take active player with weekly rank 1 and gold donations on a regularly base

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Hey there clutch, I am lvl 110 and highly active pvper (rank 1/dragon armor/gold contribution weekly etc), can I join please?

We are about to be 35 soon and still searching. 4 spots available. Gerne nehmen wir auch deutschsprachige :slight_smile:

Im lvl 255, got a open space?


habt Ihr noch freie Plätze? Bin bei Lvl. 410 und spiele täglich.
Invite-code Tini

Hab dich eingeladen, extra einen gekickt.

You need to leave ur current guild, 1 spot is for you

Sorry, hab meine Gilde jetzt verlassen.

Sorry, hab gerade gemerkt, dass Ihr auf PS4 spielt und ich auf PC. Trotzdem Danke.

3 spots available now, just hit me up :slight_smile: Close to rank 32 now

You should have a invite now :slight_smile:

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2 spots available , just hit me up:)

Interested , Please send an invite to DAVE 89. Level 231 looking for TOP 30 Guilds ! Materies at 37 level

You need to leave your current guild, code is DAVE_89 right?

1 spot available

Hi! Im HIGHLY interested! Im a little bit new, but I have enough gold and I def get my share of trophies! Im looking for active, fun, friendly, and competitive! Please consider me as being a part of the team! I will not disappoint! I promise ! :smiley:

Invite Code: Raquel 40

Thank you so much!

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