Active Guild Little Winds sister guild of Lost Winds rank #2

Hello, would be happy to welcome experienced players into our guild (Little Winds) which was estabilised before 8 weeks as a sister’s guild of rank #2 Lost Winds, because many players interested to join. I can say we’re number 1 guild who growing as fast as possible. Actually on level 106 in rank# 121.
Looking for daily active, level 300+ players who are able to do well in GW.

Weekly minimums 400 trophies/350k gold/1500 seals.

What you get?

Friendly active guild with great members

590 Gems, 42 Event Keys, 360 Glory, 63 Gem Keys, 396 Glory Keys, 5900 Souls, 670 Gold Keys, 9 Maps
and many other guild advantages.

All guild tasks completed on at the end of the week and some legendary tasks every week.
Be a part of one of the fastest growing guild on PS4 server.
If you are interested just send me a message here and I will get back to you ASAP.

Kind regards


Full support on this one <3

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