LVL 202 Looking for very active guild

Hey guys,

first I want to say sorry for my bad english. I´m german. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m looking for an active guild because the current one is way to inactive so that I have to do most of the Guild tasks for myself and have no chance to increase the guild treasure rank.

I’m 25 and currently VIP4.

I can afford up to 100K gold and 1500 guild points weekly and I will take part in the guild wars, too.

The amount of gold is because I have to upgrade some of my kingdoms as well to get more powerful.

I hope to find a nice guild.

Best regards Talisi

because you are german next things in german :slight_smile:

Wir sind eine primär deutsche Top 100 Gilde (in Guild Wars haben wir uns zuletzt in Gruppe 5 hoch gearbeitet) mit überschaubaren wöchentlichen Mindestanforderungen (10000 Gold, 250 Siegel, 10 Trophäen) damit das Spiel auch nicht zur Pflicht wird :slight_smile:
Wenn du Interesse hast, schreib mich (X-Live-X) mal im PSN an, dann kann ich dich gerne einladen.

Are you guys pretty active? I have notice some guilds in the top 150 are not really super active. I just started out and and am only around lvl 15 but will be pretty active this month etc. I am still spending money on castle levels… I would love to join but I am scared that I wouldn’t make the weekly total.
It looks like fairly low requirements. But I would hate to get kicked :smiley: I would defently try my best!

If you’re still looking for a guild, I have a very active one. We are rank 160 (might be a bit higher as I’m writing this depending on how many trophies they made today) and are a very lax guild with no official requirements, although I do generally want to find people who can generate trophies, hit max seals if possible, and definitely do all GW battles, win or lose.

Guild is called Winter Dragon. Shoot me a PM if you’re interested, it’s an invite only guild! We’d love to have you from the sounds of it, we had another join us two weeks ago who was just starting out but was very active and he’s become our best trophy generator and has shot up to level 258 in just over two weeks as well and is probably nearly done levelling all kingdoms to 10. We are currently in bracket 5 overall for GW as well, we tend to do relatively well!

Thanks for your Replies.

I have decided to go to the guild of “Live” (First Replyer)

I wish best luck in finding active players.