Little Winds powered by Lost Winds #2 Guild

Hey guys since the requests in joining Lost Winds are getting too much, ive decided to open a second guild called Little Winds where you can prove yourself worthy and improve yourself. My main idea is to help and grow some lower lvl players (4 sure no free rides lol) and improve the performing of higher lvl players, the benefit of it is clear, if you do extremely well, you’ll get a spot in Rank 2 guild Lost Winds. Activity and communication is the key to success, so if you wanna be a part of something big just hit me up. Regards Clutch


5/6 tasks completed, rank 523 already and spots available just hit me up :slight_smile:

Hey there,

What are your requirements?

Looking to do team synergy achievement with strong clan. Only trophy missing. I’m a daily player Psn: taguroizumo

Invite code: FCKOFFF_9VU2

At first high activity, reqs will follow soon

Will inv u

You still have spots open?

Yes some spots available

U need 2 leave ur current guild. First legendary is done and we are already ranked 446

Define “high activity” please…

I play every day but sometimes only long enough to do GW. I work 12-14 hrs a day 6 days a week so my ps4 time is limited. I am kevel 80ish but i am not a noob as i have been playing on mobile for about 16 months… I like the guild i am in but i would like to progress faster than i am currently

Edit: this week i have leveled 3 kingdoms from 0 to 10 and donated 150k and got 300ish trophies and 1500 seals


These are facts. @Vangor collected all his GS the first day and is also in first position with his trophies that he mentioned. Very skilled player. Consider this a reference of a sort.

I’ve been feeling like I want to try something like this too. I wanna get some legendary task done.


That sounds good, its the perfect amount of gold,seals,trophies

You’re welcome aswell buddy :slight_smile:


Can i have a invite? Let me know so i can leave guild im in

Leave and pm me ur code, i will inv asap :slight_smile:


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Couple of spots still available

Last 5 spots available

Looking to join a more active guild as mine is on the decline
Invite code : MARRINGTON_TV2J
Level 693

Leave current guild, will invite you