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Lost Winds Rank #2 Guild is recruiting

Sounds nice :slight_smile: Could you say me your lvl please ?

Lol. 35, rank 2k in PvP

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Well, I will give you the chance :slight_smile: Welcome :slight_smile:

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1 Spot available, be fast we are rushing trough the leaderboards :slight_smile:

Messaged you on PSN :slight_smile:

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Does the guild have communication like Discord?

1 spot available for an very active player

Any spaces ? I’m very active and I can contribute around 300-500k a week and a large amount of trophies I’m level 58 atm but have been playing the game on PC for a very long time! AIDENLFC1892_O4XJ

First safe your gold and upgrade your kingdoms mate

Currently full

Any space ?

Still full sry

If you have any space. Im lvl 440 active.

1 space available

I would like to join. Invite code is Voldin_8xsh

I’m level 340 and an active player. I always get my 1500 seals and contribute lots of gold to the guild. Looking for an active guild to join.

Sounds good, check ur mail. :slight_smile:

I left my guild… my invite code is SHEBA_QFGV :slightly_smiling_face:

This guy wanted to join us, I kicked someone to get him in and I now see him in three guild threads. Be careful.

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I dont know that, will monitor him :stuck_out_tongue:

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