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Lost daily login streak last week

Last week I randomly lost my daily login streak even though I played GW daily. I thought it was a little odd, but I figured I forgot to claim the dialy rewards on monday when the reset was delayed last week. However yesterday I was paying attention on login and it seems I would have missed thursday, a day which I played for sure. I mentioned this to my guild and it turns out 4 other guildmembers had the same thing happen.

Now I don’t really care that much about the gold, but if at least 5 of us had it, then surely more people had it? So I would figure I make a post about it since nobody else did.

So anyone else noticed it but didn’t bother to post about it?

Are you sure this didn’t happen Tuesday last week? I had the impression most players lost their daily login streak due to the Monday reset glitch, you had to hit a fairly small time window right after the fix in order to keep it.

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It’s happening to a bunch of us on PS4 and Xbox.

You can see another thread on it here: Daily Rewards keep getting reset (Xbox)

The devs are working on it, but the best thing to do is file a support ticket to at least get your missing rewards covered.

I’m certain it happened Sunday night, since I have played every day for the last 13 days and I was back to day zero Monday morning. I’m not sure if it is limited to console or not, but people on both consoles are reporting the problem.

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Today on Wednesday the 10th, my login streak is 6 days, so that would be that I missed thursday the 4th, not Tuesday or Sunday. Though the issue might be related.

Thanks for suggesting to submit a ticket, though at my level it is faster to just farm the missing rewards instead.

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I also have this problem but is it even worth filing a ticket ?

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I filed one yesterday. I didn’t bother to calculate what I’m losing, but it would be in the range of a few thousand gold. I filed the ticket more to make sure this is a known problem and will be fixed than for the little bit of gold it might get me.

Happened to me on mobile. Didn’t bother filing a ticket as I still got my daily glory. The extra few thousand gold won’t be missed.

Please don’t make more than on ticket about the same problem :weary: It honestly won’t speed the process and I’ll just close it as soon as I see duplicates.

If you are experiencing this issue only the daily gold is affected. You are welcome to contact support.

For anyone experiencing this issue, did you have the issue last week (then recovered your streak) but it occurred again? Or, did you not have the issue last week, but are having it now?*

Weeks being defined as before or after reset on the 8th

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It started on Tuesday for me and so far hasn’t reset again since so I’m back to day 3 or 4 again of the max 7 on PS4 and this has affected at least 3 other guild mates at least 2 of which had it happen a day earlier than me for some reason :thinking:

I had this problem too.
Missing out on a little gold doesn´t seem like that big of a deal though.

Hi @Cyrup,

To be clear, I didn’t make a second ticket and only submitted my first ticket after the second time that my streak was reset to zero. I had logged in every day since December 28, my streak was reset to zero with the January 1 glitch (which I just shrugged and ignored since it seemed to be related to the whole weekly reset problem), but when my streak was reset again on January 8th, I did submit a ticket.

Thank you for resetting my streak to 7 - I appreciate it! Hopefully your team can find the problem.


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Same problem on two of my accounts. I log in multiple times a day and on both accounts it has lots its streak and said it is now my first day logging in (giving min rewards).