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Looking to recruit active players for a guild I've built alone until now

Ahab’s Beast is the name because the obsession is real. Just me in the guild, but I’ve built it up to level 23 on my own. send me a message at xoziam or post here and i’ll send you an invite.
The road to hell is pave with un-bought stuffed dogs

You would be better off to join an established guild.
I doubt very much you will get any takers.
We have an opening in Realm of The Undead
Very active guild, currently in mid 300 ranks and rising.
Minimum requirement to join is level 50.
We are a friendly crew, way more fun than playing alone.
Mariana, GM

So although I was the only one to have the courtesy to reply to this post and not only suggest you join a guild but invite me to join mine that you have joined another.
Not cool at all.
Good luck to you