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Looking to adopt a guild UPDATE

Did you start a guild because you couldn’t find a good one and now you want it to grow? Are you in a guild that is all but dead but you want to keep it alive? Has real life taken over and you don’t have time to be an effective leader anymore? Let Olympia help. We are looking to adopt a guild. We are striving to create a family of guilds where EVERY player regardless of level has a place to call home. A place where they enjoy coming to for the commradery, support, and growth potential. We have an organized leadership team and a proven track record of success. We have incredible resources available to help developing players. We are a guild family that strongly believes that this is a game and should be fun and not a job. People are a priority with us. Real life is a priority with us. Does it sound like we can give you the support you are looking for? Msg me here or on xbox one @ PaintedLynx2914 Let the Olympia family be the solution you are looking for.



Potentially interested here, but would like to know more. I fall into the first category of started a guild and would like it to grow. I’m really the only active (daily) player. Happy to party chat as well if that would be easier. GT: Lazy Swayze


Might be of a difference here why I’m messaging, but its a proposal as well. Vendetta / Forgotten Blood on PS4 is very strong and always full, with a long wait list. Currently we are rank #27 in top guilds on the PS4. We’ve already been looking to sister with guilds over on PC/mobile. So the same can come into play here. Sistering would just allow anyone over on the XBox to seamlessly migrate to a PS4 guild if they decided to even play on the PS4, and vice versa. Aside from that not sure what else could be done besides a open connection between us. We just simply seek to expand our networking.

-Starlight (Nekroslucem : PSN) Guild leader to Vendetta (rank 27 guild on PS4), Forgotten Blood-

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Interesting I’m going to leave the post up for you Vendetta. We have found our guild so I am going to update my post to reflect that and direct folks to your response if that’s ok with you

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Hey Lazy. We have actually found our guild. It is a rank 136 with guild statues in the 80’s to 100. If you decide that you would rather just disband your guild or merge please let me know. We now have an upper level (1000+) and a lower level or developing guild.

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@Asuna_Scarlette Sure I’ve also posted here too in a thread. Just seems not many are looking for cross platform sisters. Think it would be fun. Eventually someone will like the idea. =)

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If anyone would be interested in joining one of our merged guilds do not hesitate to inquire.

Apollo and Artemis might be what some would call a hardcore guild that will require total dedication.

Ares and Athena will be less hardcore, yet we still will not allow any moochers, in the more casual guild.

We may also consider having a beginners guild that would mainly focus on players that are just starting out, players that need to level up kingdoms to 10, players who want to create an alternate profile, or players that need to step away from the game for whatever reason. Guild 3, to be named something really cool later, is in the works.

TL:DR We have a guild for every drama free, active, Gems of War player!

Reply here, Add Wyoming Pixel gamertag, ask for any Ares and Athena or Apollo and Artemis guild member about joining. We DO NOT spam invites.

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