⚡ Forgotten Blood (casual/baby guild of Vendetta, no requirements or level caps)

Forgotten Blood’ will be ran the same way we do in Vendetta (top 30 guild). The only requirement is to be active. This will be a place for casuals, low levels, and those waiting to get into Vendetta from its wait list. Currently it is rank #260.

If you would like to be part of ‘Forgotten Blood’, with hopes to grow in it, or one day join Vendetta from it. Please leave me a message here or on my PSN @ ‘NekrosLucem’ (in-game name is ‘Starlight’). You may also optionally message my new alt made for the new guild @ ‘My_Little_Star’ (in-game name is ‘Little Star’).

Starlight : Vendetta Guild Leader (rank #30 in top guilds)

2 weeks of inactivity = homeless.


Read the above and decide if you would like to help a very beginning guild grow. Being the child of two top guilds means you will also have help and support from various high level players. Learn how to best use your troops, your main, resources and more. Message ‘My_Little_Star’ or "Wishkiller’ on PSN for a invite!

I would very match like to be part of this on it’s birth. I’m a new player but I consider myself a veteran gamer in general especially in the RPG, MMORPG and Strategy genre so I learn fast and read a lot on every game I play. I’m playing GOW for a week now on PS4 and I’m loving it. Currently lvl83 and VIP6. My name is George, I’m fron Greece and I’m 38. My invitation code is MALUS_TJQX just in case you feel inclined on using it. :stuck_out_tongue:


@Malus Just waking up here so will invite you when I get on the PS4. Will be on shortly.

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No worries I’m not home anyways. Thanks man, c u in game.

Hey! I’m also a new player as of a week ago, and I would be very interested in joining a more active guild than the random one I first joined. I’m lv 52 so far, but have completed my guild seals for this week and have been mostly pvping to level up kingdoms. I have picked up the deathknight armor pack, but probably won’t be spending any more in the near future.

BRAYBIN_WKNC is my invite code; I don’t know if I can receive invites while in a guild, but if you confirm that you are still looking for new members like me I will certainly leave mine!

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@Braybin Sure if you are still on I can invite you. I can also just invite you and you can just pick it up upon login. Our guild is just starting out itself., but we are a child guild of Vendetta / Pariah, which are top guilds. So you’ll get as much help as you ask for. From players who have been around more than once. So if we don’t know the answer then something is amiss!

@NekrosLucem Sounds great! I’m ready for the invite, whenever is convenient for you.

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@Braybin Sent the invite. I had logged off just a few minutes ago. Then was like where is his invite code. Then saying ‘well silly you forgot to write it down’. Logged back on and saw you reply. Yes can be fun around my home at times

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Bump … Join us for a lot of fun. Easy going, no requirements, levels between 100-1000 in the guild currently. All actives

Welcome to the family all :slight_smile:

We are all friendly and don’t bite (unless requested :joy:) Happy to add you on my Psn if you need help. Just pm me here .


Please leave your game name/psn name here if you are want in!!!

I will pass on details to Guild leader and he will get back to you. At around 8 pm uk time

Good place for starters or casual players.
All welcome

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@Dogbot He is just the officer helping like you, and thanks for that! Then running the guild is myself and Wishkiller. Wishkiller will be coming in eventually so he’ll have a stay in it soon enough.

We still have spaces for anyone wishing to join a large family of players

bump … looking for casual or lowbies to join the baby guild. It belongs to a larger guild that can assist anyone who joins it. So sign up <3

We still have spaces for anyone wishing to join us

Bump still looking for our baby guild

We still have space for anyone looking for a home, casual or new all welcome.
Feeder for a top guild when spaces become available.

New week starting. Time for a new guild or your very first?

Let us know here and join our baby guild

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kind bump for those looking … nice people and active. no requirements