⚡ Forgotten Blood (casual/baby guild of Vendetta, no requirements or level caps)

Still have plenty of room for those seeking a friendly casual guild with later potential for a top guild.

Still less than 2 months and over 7,000 trophies, active group. Mix between high and low levels, so you have a variety to play with. Contact me on PSN at ‘Nekroslucem’ for a invite. Forgotten Blood gets things done!

Our record speaks for itself. How many other new casual guilds under 2 months do you know that have 7,000 trophies already? Exactly! Join us!

Very low requirement, mostly to ensure activity :

50 trophies
25,000 gold
250 seals

Doing more of 1 requirement can not only lower the other requirements, but make them zero. IE Say you do 400 trophies, then no need for gold, but likely you’d still redeem your seals, etc.

Hi, are you still recruiting? I’m active looking to join a guild. My former guild was inactive so I left them. I’m level 259 and meet all requirements ser forth above. Invite code- BOCHNER

@Bochner Will get on to invite you.

Very fun and active casual guild. Already over 8,000 trophies just into 2 months old. So come join a bunch of great people!!!

Send me a message on here or PSN at ‘nekroslucem’. We are looking for anyone just as long as they are active.