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Looking for active guild that coordinates

Invite Code/Name: DONGS
Level: 89 (was 84 at start of thread)
DK Armor/ VIP 4
CurrentTeam: (1) Jarl/GS/Valk/KoS
CurrentTeam: (2) Sooth/Valk/Bat/Bat
Timezone: USA (PST)

Always grab Weekly Pvp 1
1500 seals Easy for me
Gold no problem

Looking for guild that makes 20k or 40k seals weekly, is top 100, and I can meet donation requirements.

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Currently I’m a friend’s guild until we can find a new home.

Hoping to get a top 100 guild with all active or accounted for players.

Still looking

Hi Dongs. Just sent you an invite. Our guild recruitment page is here:

if we sound like a good fit, just accept the invite and we’all see you in game. :slight_smile: