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Looking for active-afternoon Guild FOUND


I’m Lvl 410 and looking for an afternoon-guild. So I can play a bit before or after work.

This would be the requirements I’m willing to do each week.

Daily fights in guild wars/or other modes
500 Seals
50.000 Gold

If you’d like me to join, please let me know so I can send you my invite code!

Best wishes,


Hello are you still looking for a guild? If so we are a new guild working to move up the ranks. We are a family based guild and best friends lol but we only kick I’d there is no activity in a week sometimes we wait 2 weeks because we all do have jobs. So we understand life happens. Just let me know if you are still looking

Thank you for you offer. But I’ve found a great new guild already. :wink: Best wishes!