Looking for a guild with a live chat


Hi all!
I’m bored all the guilds where I was. No one is talking.
For instance: “Hi all!” - silence (i’m not welcome? ok!). “I got my first legendary troop!” - silence (no just gz or congratz). “Guys, what is your team for invade?” - silence. Are this a people or zombies?
What I need? Not so much. Growing guild with ambition (top 1000), with the active leader, live chat with people. For me, guild is a family, friends, this is my house for a while.
I’m active daily player (2 week in this nice game), 76 lvl atm, ~70-100 tr & ~50k gold per week. Now i’m in solo mode. Invite me please!


If you just started, it is possible people simply don’t know about the chat. I’m serious. In the first guild I joined, it took me several days before noticing the chat (I did go into the tab but since all I could see were battle results and guild updates, I didn’t realize people could also talk there). But I’m sure you’ll find some nice guilds with talkative members in this forum. :smile:


You are more than welcome to join our guild.

Already invited you.


Thank you, but your guild too small for me (i want to join in top 1000 guild). Plus no life chat and all members without a contribution at all. I’m sorry.


I understand, but we started 2 days ago. We all come from big guilds. But ok.


It’s been said many times here that the guild system vacuumes. One of the main complaints is the chat system, where the problem lies in the fact that you have to scroll down to get past all the activities to read the last chats. To be honest, I hardly ever take the effort. As far as I know the devs are working one something.
I mean don’t blame the guilds, the way it is now it’s just unusable.


If you are still searching for a new guild let me invite you! It’s called Dark Angels. I play every day like you (I’m at level 109, position in the top 500!) Bye :slight_smile: