There is a chat room for the guild?

Hello everyone, sorry for my imperfect English, are Italian and use a translator to write, I have a question:
There is a chat pe contatare the fits you my guild?
My guild is called Aquisition Inc
Could someone help me?

Yes, in the Activity tab - please refer to this guide to know about all its functions.
(Might need to be updated with a future update.)

Or perhaps you are referring to this:

Ah sorry, I did not understand the question, I thought the player meant in-game. My bad.

Yes, in fact I was referring to Game.
I did not understand at that Trhead directed me dhjl, in that there is no speech apparently.

Thank you all, now I know how to do it.
Although I left the guild since the guild leader childhood did not like that too was helping with gold and trophies and so I lowered rank and I left guild is painful.
Thanks again, see you soon.

Hi Mega,
I had set you to rank 3, and those in ranks 2 and 1 were contributing more. I wrote in chat that level 3 was appropriate, but you still asked to be a higher rank. Then you changed the guild message, and I didn’t know what else level 3 allowed you to do, so I changed it to 4. Either way, it’s a game, and I hope you find a guild that fits your style of play.
All the best.

It’s okay Hello.