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Looking for a guild 👾

Casual player looking for an active guild.
Invite code: ELINHIME

Who will be the first to send me an invite?

You would get more appropriate responses if you gave some information about yourself.

What level are you?
What level are your kingdoms?
How many trophies per week do you typically earn?
How many seals… " " " " "?

and so on.


I’m level 373.
All my kingdoms are lvl 10.
Normaly don’t get all the trophies, but i do get max amount of seals every week.

Hey Elin,
would you be interested to join us? Here is the text I nomally send in global chat. Schattenwölfe (lvl 299,#143,30k+ seals, 3-5 statues weekly, gw bracket 9) is looking for another player. Our min requirements are 800+ seals, daily guild wars, join our discord and stay active.

If you can meet the requirements and are interested add me on discord: ClaudiKruemel#9971