Looking for 3 active players to join a Ranked 115 Guild NOW FULL

Well the Lone Wolf is no more after a short time away playing without a Guild I decided if i’m going to be grinding 450,000 gold,1500 Seals and 200 plus trophies a week,then i’m better off doing it with the Puds than anyone else.So we are looking for any level player but you must be active not everyday but play weekly at least.We have no rules but working together we grow as a Guild so we need your Seals and trophies and any spare gold you can help the Guild out with.
Guild information is we are Level 89 mana levels are Red 39…Blue39…Green 34…Yellow 36…Purple 36…Brown 41 (we really need to get some more toilet paper in lol) We are Ranked 115 so if anyone would like to join us please PSN Sir-Waylander your invite code.
A very big thank you to MadMartin and Kain for the wonderful job you both did running the Guild when I ran away :slight_smile:

PSN Sir-Waylander