Moonlight Slayers rank 39 recruiting

Hey there

We have an open spot in our guild, everyone interested (preferably above lvl 200 and all kingdoms at lvl 10) can apply here. Please give me your invite code and psn id.
We are in bracket 3 in Guild Wars and currently ranked 39th.
All tasks complete every week with several lt’s, 40k seals.

Our reqs are low but we have a few people in our guild exceeding them every week, so we keep climbing in rank.

Reqs are

:gem_skull: 500 seals
:gem_skull: 50 trophies
:gem_skull: 100k gold

and we expect people to use up their free sigils during the events & participation in guild wars.


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Currently looking for a guild. I’m lvl 497, all kingdoms at lvl 10, and would contribute weekly to my last guild: 150k gold, 90 trophies, and 600-700 seals. Sometimes more depending on the amount of time I have to play. Let me know if you’re interested.
Invite Code = ADAM_24
PSN ID = Wolf Pack Pride


Sorry, what’s your psn? Are open spaces even allowed? :stuck_out_tongue:

He hi saw that you have a free space in you’r guild. I am lv 1053 at the Moment and so 2000 Deals and about 1000 trophies a Werk. You’r guild Sounds very inviting and nice. If you are interested my PSN ist aumshanti79

Sorry my phone writes only crap. I do 2000 seals and about 1000 trophies.