Easy Going No rules Guild Looking for members PS4

Hi and thanks for taking the time to read this post we have been going for about 30 days now,and have 11members but have room for another 19.We are ranked 2435 with 782 Trophies,ok not great but only 4 of us play PvP with me being the most active at the minute anyway :slight_smile:
Anyone looking for a easy going Guild would be more than welcome here just play and help out as you see fit,we will probably never get into the Top 10 but it’s fun trying to get there.
Any small Guilds are welcome to message me if joining forces is something your interested in.

If interested PSN Sir-Waylander your invite code also leave your old Guild first.

I’ll send you a PSN text/invite.

PSN “NemoG”

NemoG I’ve sent you an invite so welcome to the Guild…

The Guild is now ranked 2577 with 731 Trophies we are Silver 1 with a 30% Gold Bonus everyday.

Now have 11 members slowing filling in those empty spaces just 19 to go lol

friend request sent mate

PSN monkeyfunx (same invite code)

Sent you a PSN message with my code.

All invites have been sent out and new members are part of the Guild,we have 13 members as of Friday mid-day UK time.Closing in on the 900 Trophy mark and pretty close to leveling to 22 in the Guild,theirs still room for 17 new members.

Guild update we reached 905 Trophies this afternoon (UK time) ranked 2163 Gold1 with 34% Gold Bonus,so far this week i’ve won 139 trophies with the next place member helping out with 60 trophies

Anyone interested in joining us PSN Sir-Waylander with your invite code also please leave your old Giuld if you were in one :slight_smile:

Guild Update we still have 13 members but we finally passed the 1,000 trophy mark,pretty good going for a easy going group of people.

Picked up another 2 new members today so things looking up

Guild up date we are level 22 in the Guild with 19 members two of which were random players from within the game,we are just short of 1,200 trophies I was hoping to get there today but enough is enough for now i’m starting to go crossed eyed lol.Still no rules so all are welcome to join.

The Guild update as of today Robin Puds Merry Men is level 24 with 22/30 members,we are ranked 1472 with 1,399 trophies with a 40% gold bonus.There’s no rules just help out when you can can.Anyone wanting to join please message PSN Sir-Waylander with your invite code and if in a Guild already please leave it.