Locked out of Game since Update

There is no update available in the Google Play store and now I am also completely locked out of the game - see screenshot attached. Restarted several times but it does not help, also checked the Play Store but there is still no update.

Platform, device version and operating system:
Samsung Tablet, Google Play Store

Screenshot or image:

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Hey, did you update and play Gems of War on Steam befor eyou got this error message on Android?

Hi Kafka

I did not update anything as far as I know but I realize I did sign in to Steam to briefly check something in my teams - did not play or anything but checked something and then closed it.

Unfortunately, because you updated to version 6.4 on Steam and opened the game, your account can only be played on version 6.4 now.

It is late here in Australia (wher eour dev team is located) but we’ve let our team in America know about the issue on the Google Play Store so I’m hoping that by the time I check in here in my morning the issue on Googleplay will be resolved.

I’m sorry for the inconvenience of not being able to play on your mobile device in the meantime.

We’ll let you know once it’s fixed (but as it’s night here, you might see it’s fixed while I’m asleep!)

Okay thx. I never play in Steam on Desktop though - only sometimes use Steam to paste team codes there as it is easier than on mobile. So this kind of sucks.

same issue here. i uninstalled & reinstalled the game but still cant play. please fix ASAP as i play on phone too & cant be in front of my PC all the time. collecting hourly tributes is very hard without a phone.

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Your server side profile automatically upgrades to the highest version you’ve played. Lower version clients can’t handle the data until they upgrade to the same version, no matter the platform. This isn’t something that can be fixed, you’ll have to wait till the update becomes available on your device or keep playing on PC. :cry:

So, then, why I’m locked out on my phone after updating on Steam, despite the fact that I didn’t open the update game on my PC? Before daily reset, the game was working fine on my Android phone. Daily reset happened, I restarted the game and then I got immediately locked out on the phone. I’m guessing this means that Steam is silently and secretly sending info to the servers even without opening the game itself.

Steam wouldn’t even know which server to talk with. On a wild guess, did you register your account with some community service that pulls extended profile information, like Tarans? Those usually login on your behalf around (weekly) reset to aggregate information, which will trigger the server side profile upgrade.

Yeah, Tarans & Gemologica. But I got locked out after today’s daily reset, not Monday’s weekly reset. And… how does this make any difference, when I didn’t open the updated game? If Steam doesn’t send info to the servers without opening the game, then these sites shouldn’t know about the updated PC client either, as no info should’ve been sent to the servers from my side. I updated the PC client at around 2h before daily reset and the game on the phone worked until reset hit.

Well, I have no other choice than wait for the Android update to drop anyway. Soon, I hope.

They periodically log in with your account to pull information related to your profile, like guild rankings. You don’t have to visit the site for that, it’s something that runs automatically, usually around daily/weekly reset. The game server doesn’t know if it’s being contacted by your game client or some helper tool, once it sees a higher version number it upgrades your profile.

I believe the Amazon App Store has 6.4 for Android. [Write down your GoW account details before installing the Amazon version]

So… just to make things clear, because I want to understand the situation: even if I didn’t install the update on Steam, this mess with me being locked out on Android would’ve happened anyway, because these sites have a higher version number and sent that to the server than the last one used by me?

Same here, locked out of Android/Mobile, Steam on my desktop at home still works, if they can’t get it resolved maybe it’s time to move on from this game. 505 doesn’t have the best reputation anyway.

I play on both the pc and the android. Because the game is set up so that one can only play on one device at a time, when steam auto updates the game then it makes the game on the android out of date. So until google play store gets the update then I cannot play on the android. It makes sense. Steam updates the game on the pc and google play store updates the game on the android. Two different operating systems. My daughter plays only on her android and because google play store has not got the update yet she can continue to play.

So I will be patient and wait for google play store to get the update and then I can play on both the pc and the android. At least I CAN play even if it is only on the pc

Well, yes. Of course this hinges on that they did log in on your behalf using a higher version number, which I have no way of knowing. But that’s basically what you give them your account credentials for when you register, to retrieve your data for you to view, possibly at a later point in time. Like, say, the guild contribution numbers right before weekly reset. The server discards those, so either you get up in time to look up the final standings yourself or you let Tarans fetch and store them for you.

From technical point of view it’s an interesting side effect. Those sites probably want to move to the highest version number as soon as possible, older version numbers get blocked by the game server pretty fast. Normally it isn’t an issue that this might cause profiles to upgrade, players will download the newest version anyway. The unfortunate part is that this option currently isn’t available for Android.

Thanks for the explanation. I understand it that these sites access the account to retrieve the data, I have no problem with that. That’s what I give them the credentials for. Just the side-effect took me off guard completely. Now I know what to expect in the future… At least I still can play on PC.

Update is here! At least for me in German play store

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Well, it looks like the update for the android has arrived in the google play store and the game is working fine for me on both the pc and android. I had to restart my phone for the update to show yet to me that is fine. The game is updated on both my systems

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Finally the update is available in Google Play store - thanks.