Problems logging into the game

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This is what message that I got after a pvp battle:

I had to force close the game. After I restarted it gave me this message:

I’ve tried it three times now but I cannot get into the game.

I have steam set to receive auto updates, but there is none for Gems of War.

@Macawi we are looking into this issue now.

Same here…check integrity files with steam… but nothing change…

“new version”… and can’t play -.-

Give it a go again now everyone!

Still not working here…is there something we have to do other than log in via Steam?

Edit: Had to restart Steam and now it’s working, cheers!

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Works :slight_smile:

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If it’s still not working it’s probably worth contacting out support here

@actreal try to restart steam… or check the file integrity… but the game works actualy for steam

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Try restart steam by going offline then online, it worked for my buddy who also had this problem.

I experienced the same problems, it says i can’t log in because i have to update the game. I checked in the google play store but it shows no update, and i can’t play. I already experienced this with the previous update, and had to reinstall the game, but my account wasn’t saved, so i had to start a new one. I’m afraid i have to do this again, but i don’t trust in the account saving system, because it couldn’t even connect to my google play games profile. Any idea how to solve this? Should i just wait for the update to appear in the play store? (I also tried restarting my phone.)

Waiting is best probably.

Once you do get back into the game you can link your account to an email (doesn’t have to be your google play one) and then support should be able to help out if you lose your account in the future after that. (And it’s a more stable account saving method than google play’s)

Well, if i can get back into the game my problem is solved. But i don’t think the update will eventually appear, because the play store is not showing this game between the insalled apps, and i don’t think it will give me the option to update because it only gives updates for the installed apps. (But if i search for the game, it shows that it’s installed and i can delete or open it.) The best i can do is either reinstall it or wait until they fix someting.

You can try sending a ticket to support ( and seeing if they can help link/register your account without you being able to get into the game, so that you can recover it after you do reinstall.

If you get your device password it totally works. I’ve had to change device several times recently and restoring with my password has been flawless

And there comes my problem, since i couldn’t log in, i couldn’t get my device password. Anyways, i reinstalled the game, it works, now my hope is in the support team.