List of Where to Find Arcane, Runic Traitstones?


In the previous update, I was able to go to the troop upgrade screen and be able to go directly to the kingdom that had the required traitstones. Unless I’m missing something, can’t do that anymore and have to not only know what all the symbols are, but where to find them.
Is there a website or something that has all this info? Removing this is a major PITA.


Oh you are going to love this… go to a troop… go to traits…click on the stone you want…and it tells you exactly where the stone you want and takes you there.


OK. I plead “Duh.” I didn’t realize I needed to toggle down. All I saw was the white outline around the whole trait.


no problem. I LOVE this new Trait view. Heck it just made some of my more painful decisions of the past obsolete…cause I can actually stay in mobile …and not have to always get on the computer


The answer is in the game as @Taisiakat already explained, but if you’re looking for a great external resource, I’d suggest . It is an amazing resource for the game and I use it almost daily. To me, the most amazing feature is that you can link your account to the website and easily plan and track your progress in levelling and traiting your troops.


@Cyrup I’ve seen this specific question in Global chat frequently on console. Please include that you must use the D-Pad to discover the Kingdom location for Explore now in your FAQ/Help rewrite… and in the next version include an on screen tip/indicator. Thanks.

#7 has a list of each arcane traitstone, where you can farm it, what troops need it, and how many.