Lil'Johnny Bronze, Shaddap You Face!

I had a terrible mana yesterday, and went for a spending spree just to get 3 Lil’johnny Bronzes, so I could get the new pirate kingdom to PL5. And now I am almost drained, except from some event keys. It is a disorder that is quite challenging from time to time. I know, zero logic when a new Mythic is about to be released, to spend everything.(So no need to tell me.)

In close to 200 VIP chest I got zero Johnny Bronze. One can call it bad luck. But I am just wondering
if he is in the VIP chests at all?

Here is what I had to spend to get 3 Lil’Johnny Bronzes:

Close to 8000+ gems, included close to 200 VIP chests - Zero Johnny Bronzes
450 Gem Keys: 1 Johnny Bronze
20000 Glory - 1 Johnny Bronze
4000 Glory Keys - 1 Johnny Bronze

I want to end the thread by saying: What an idiot I am…


I tried chasing Desmondia when she came out.

I learned not to try and chase the Epics in a very similar fashion, though not quite as expensive, as you did.

Did you get anything else you really wanted?

Yeah, the sad thing about the disorder is that I know before I spended everything that it was a bad idea, but still are not able to control myself.

Not really, but got the last Desmondia I needed to get her to mythic, and some other Ultra rares. Really awful…

There are 74 epics in the game (according to my notes).

Glory keys are roughly 5% chance at a purple rarity, and roughly 25% of those are arcanes. So to get 74 epic troops (on average one of each) would take nearly 6000 glory keys. 20000 glory = 1000 keys + 4000 keys = 5000 keys. Works out to about a 57% chance to get 1 Johnny in 5000 keys, and you got 2. You came out ahead.

Gem keys are roughly 12.5% chance at purple, and still 25% of those are arcane. Works out to about 2400 gem keys for one of each epic.

So as exhaustive as it was, the math says it could (should?) have been much worse. Which I think is good evidence at needing a way to narrow our random pulls.


Wassamatta you? Gotta no respect?

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wasted 8k gems trying to get johnny bronze’…i…i…dont know what to say…


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I did a 50 vip chest draw yesterday and didn’t see him but got 3 Bonnie Rose.

I don’t understand the disorder, but…
Stay away from Vegas, my friend…


Did you mean “some other Epics”, did you open Gem chests, or were just really sc***ed up by the game? :smile:

I’m pretty sure this guy put this team out hoping you’d run into him…


The irony of coming up against him. :sweat:


I am not prepared for another hard to get Epic, to get it to Mythic…