Life and Death needs a buff

  • Only hits two targets, and it’s always the last two targets, not even random, so you can’t hit the first two targets ever
  • If the enemies have barrier, not only do they not take damage, but you don’t gave life either
  • Death Mark can’t trigger on the turn after it’s applied, unlike other debuffs like freeze, silence, etc. which are immediate
  • It doesn’t have any traits that change the state of the board, like creating or destroying gems, so there is no chance for an extra turn
  • Double color means you end up mana blocking twice as many colors if you’re in front of another brown/purple troop
  • The Lightning Affix which deals scatter damage isn’t true damage, so while you’re tying to kill targets with true damage, the affix is only hitting their armor
  • The artwork shows both a staff and a tome which makes it seem like a real missed opportunity for a great tome (the game is lacking in good tomes), when there are already tons of good staffs
  • Does not currently walk dogs. Dog ain’t gonna walk herself.
  • Consumes a lot more electricity than it should.
  • Does not cook meals properly.
  • No option for extended warranty.
  • Support line doesn’t seem to know anything about microwaves, wasted my time.

You have a lot of good ideas, and maybe it is just the :beer: :beer: :beer: talking,; but since you’re not Australian they can’t hire you…
Unless you meet a fine Aussie girl* (or other preferred sexual orientation and/or gender) so you can move there and work legally.
And assuming you’re a heterosexual guy, I strongly recommend meeting and marrying an Aussie girl like I did.

And since I have been drinking, this is a joke topic and… Aussie girls are really awesome… you can to meet date, and marry one.

Does not grant user full mana … having to match a gem to fully reload it is complete BS.

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I am Australian and they’ve hired me before… not sure what I’d say if they asked me at the moment though.