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Take a break on new content and

…Standardize your card text please.

I like this game, it’s fun, but it really needs an editor review on the cards.

When I’m looking for new fun decks to try it’s really annoying that sometimes it’s Death Mark and other times it’s Deathmark, or I want to find all the traits with Magic Link but the Arcane class tree calls it Arcane Surge, or some things say 4 or 5 match and should say 4+ match like others do (6 and 7 matches are possible).

Or a big one is I want to find things Boosted by X, but cards talking about boosting in a billion different ways. I suggest:


Boosted by Gems(Blue:Destroyed), Boosted by Gems(Red:Board), Boosted by Skills(Armor:Allies+Enemies), Boosted by Skills(Armor+Life+Attack:Self), Boosted by Skills(Life-Missing:Enemy), Boosted by Color(Purple:Enemies), Boosted by Race(Fey:Allies), Boosted by Status(Enchanted:Allies), Boosted by Status(Burning:Enemies), Boosted by Mana(Drained:Enemy), Boosted by Mana(Max:Enemy), ext.

I know some of this will be a bit confusing at first but a simple question asked in chat should answer it for all the cards rather then having to ask for each individual card.

Also maybe some way to identify which Wargare are Gnolls… (I think I know, the ones the can hit the wrong targets).

Also maybe agree on whether or not Skulls are a Gem.

I’d also love if you made the search better… maybe include a wildcard or as crazy as it is… regular expression functionality. I mean if you at least standardize the text I can continue to use TaransWorld.com’s discord bot to find things but as it is… it’s a royal pain. It might even help searching on gowdb.com .

If you need a full list on changes and you reply to this devs with interest I might be talked into doing a deep dive to find all the like things, but at least this should give you a start. Thanks ahead of time.



How long would it take to make Ship’s Captain say “All Rogues start battle with 50% Mana”. 2 minutes, if you are sipping coffee?


Don’t even start me on the grammar lol. Capitalised lunacy; my English teacher would be appalled. But yes, it’s way too glitchy in terms of standard expression. Searching is thus a pain because potentially useful troops slip through the net.


Any evidence for this?


I still dont know what is a “Spider” for Cocoon.


I remember that @Nimhain told in January (the last Q&A when we saw @Sirrian and her in @Saltypatra stream) that she was working on this problem. Let’s see what will change in 5.0.


If something does not directly affect this company’s bottom-line (e.g. poor translations, language inconsistencies, counterproductive weapon affixes…), the answer to requests for its improvement has historically been a version of ‘jalang’, from the movie “The Air Up There”: I will consider it for eternity.
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Really poor education prevalent here.

Your final sentence shows why there are problems with standardization of All Spells, Traits, Class Talents, Weapon Upgrades, Pet Bonuses etc:

Over the years it is obvious that different people have contributed in-house and each person has a slightly different way of writing the spells.

You feel that the Ship’s Captain should say
“All Rogues start battle with 50% Mana”. [implies both Allies and Enemies]

My feeling is that the Ship’s Captain should say
“Allied Rogues start battle with 50% Mana”

As you can see a slight change can alter the meaning and our interpretation of the spell.


I just want all similar traits and spells to use uniform language, so I can use the search function to display all troops that give 50% mana at start at the same time for example. They need to decide if gems are “transformed” or “converted” or if colors are “chosen” or “selected”. Do things happen “when matching brown gems” or “on brown matches”?


Agree and like most of the comments made by ViviDarkDreams and Sossich

Have spent the past few weeks manually working my way through Spells, Traits, Talents, Upgrades.
I too have found the terms used (and sometimes the logic) hindering progress.
Unfortunately I have not kept a record of the text inconsistences. I just reworded them to suit my needs.

The reason for all this effort on my part is because the game has very basic search options - too basic for me.
Hence my need to make and ‘smoke’ my own.

Today I started on troop third traits and within five minutes had to deal with these:

Start battle with
start the battle with

when my turn begins
at start of my turn
at the start of my turn

On 4 or more Gem matches
When matching 4 or more Gems

gain 1 to all Stats
gain 1 to all Skills

All Beasts start battle with 50% Mana. [Should identify whether Ally or Enemy]

Beast Allies
Allied Beasts

Changing the text should not be an issue. It is just a search and replace task.
Translations should not be an issue. Translations are already done.
Affecting the underlying code is not an issue. Only text is changed - not the code.

The time-consuming part of this exercise for the Devs has to be working backwards in identifying the ‘inconsistencies’ within the Spells, Traits, Talents etc.

Suggestions (inconsistencies and searching):

Now, this is where the player-base can be very usefull. Creating a list of inconsistencies.
While the Devs can prepare their ‘search and replace’ script(s).

A great opportunity for data-divers to contribute.
I am sure there are many of us ‘silent’ cheer-leaders who like this game enough to contribute.
Musn’t forget the not so silent players who can also show their love for the game. [Hug]

Therefore, my main suggestions are:

  • Create a thread where we can all donate our trawled text inconsistencies.

But, it is only worth doing if the Devs are on board too.
If the Devs are on board then how would they like the data to be presented? - for it to be easy for them to process.

  • For In-Game searching please add the facility for players to text search using +, *, and “”.

Have to admit that trying for full REGEX searching is probably a tad ambitious hence my baby-steps suggestion.

Over to the Devs!


An interesting scenario to check:
With an Anu medal equipped, Wild Mana trait would overwrite the medal and start all wildfolk at half mana.

With an Anu medal equipped, Ship’s Captain trait should ideally “give” half mana to all rogue allies. Means if a rogue needs 20 mana on a whole, Anu medal should start it at 3 mana, and the captain trait should give 10 more mana at the beginning of the battle.

Need to check this one.

You did get me to notice that Stats and Status are kinda close to each other in name so I updated my post to use, Boosted by Skills instead of Stats.

It’s okay to take a content break, as a game dev myself possibly the biggest thanks we got was having a ‘drop everything and burn all the top backlogged issues with the game week’. I know you probably have knowledge gods that are probably so busy with content they don’t have time to help with those fixes they probably could easily get to if they had time. It’s okay, we’ll still be here since the game is great. In fact, showing that you want this game to be great and take a potential profit loss to shore up your weaknesses might net you more loyalty and love then you’d think. You have plenty of recurring content to keep us distracted.


I think they need to hire another person and they may have found one for the job.


THIS DRIVES ME BANANAS. CONSISTENCY (or the lack thereof) should be high on their list of “quality of life” upgrades immediately. I agree that fixing these so they all read the same is not rocket science and should’ve been done by now.


Boosted by Race (Fey: Allies)
Boosted by Status (Enchanted: Allies)
But then why not Boosted by Allies (Status: Enchanted)?
Don’t get me wrong, your suggestion is infinitely better than the current mess, but since they decided to make cards so complex and diverse we just really need a way to filter multiple keywords/phrases/effects. If we could somehow search for the actual triggers or effects in a useful way, minor differences like allied beasts vs beast allies would actually become less relevant.

Adding to this list: “boosted by Barriered Allies and Giant Allies. 7x” (which also has many different wordings) Does that mean if I have 1 Giant with Barrier that I get a bonus of 7 or 14? The few times I sat down to test this I noted different troops seem to count differently.

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While I agree that a standardized setup of the text should be achieved, there is one other aspect to consider at this time.

From what the devs have mentioned before, re-translating a lot of text for 7 different languages can get very expensive very quickly. So other factors that might prevent this could be the cost benefit analysis. Hopefully, they can budget the fixes and get them implemented over time but perhaps that might be why they are waiting. Maybe the 5.0 update (or more likely another one later) will get the chance to correct these issues.

I like the idea of a group effort to point out the issues.

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i guess there are some people here on forums, who would agree to transalte text to their native language from english for no costs - just for the sake of not needed to see all these card descriptions that make them want to cut off their eyes…

also there’s probably a group of people who would agree to standarize some text descriptions for cards for no fee
communites usualy have at least some people who would like to do such thing, just to see things being right


They refuse to work or listen to people who would help them for free.

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Then charge them a penny per sentence?