LFG: Steam expert player seeks good match

My hero is level 434 with 6300+ trophies and all kingdoms at level 10. I can commit to 100K gold + 100 trophies per week, but please no pressure for more than that, I have only so much time available. I am looking for the best productivity offered in exchange for that commitment. I have reached the point where solo play is too slow a progression. I do not play OP (e.g. agile true shot) builds. NO DRAMA.

Interested guildmasters should sent a friend request to my Steam ID = captain_video111. My Steam profile should give you a good idea of my other gaming trends.

EDIT: No takers so far. It’s perhaps a little sad to see all the whining about guild recruitment when top players go uninvited. :slight_smile:

EDIT: NVM, have found a guild.

Perhabs you could go into a Recruitment post and post your “portafolio” there. It would be more likely for you to get invited.

Personally I don’t want somone who can’t be fully commited to the guild. But your standards aren’t low, are just above avarage. Pretty sure any guild from rank 10 to 5 would invite you if you go to their recruitment posts.

I’m not looking for a top 10 guild. I have no interest in the league leaderboard #1, I’m simply interested in banding resources for gem+key productivity. There are plenty of guilds in the top 100 or so who would fit my priorities, and they’re not bothering to recruit.

Since I prefer a guild whose leader is active on Steam, I will post separately in their forum.

Hmmm… Okay? Good luck with that I guess. :v: