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Level up all troops in a kingdom - new button!


It never occurred to me till now that leveling up troops for kingdom power level is so tedious. I just upgraded my troops in 2 kingdoms and it was a pain int the wrist!
I would love to have a button available on the kingdom screen or anywhere which would level up all my troops in a kingdom to their maximum level.
I just counted my troops below lvl 20, the number is around 170. OMG
It means I must make a ~1000 clicks and spend ~1.5M souls. I have the souls but don’t want to make so much clicks.

Thank you!

There is a button to auto ascend to next rarity, but to ascend levels I think would be more difficult to program as this would only work if you had enough souls to physically level every troop.

The question has to be asked though why you would play to a level where you have acquired 1.5 million souls, but haven’t actually levelled the troops along the way? It would have saved so much time in progression of the game levelling up troops as you went along.

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I just simply didn’t leveled up my troops and now when I have to lvl up 15 troops in a kingdom for power level it is a major pain. I think it is a result of a habit, I only leveled up what I had to, so I can save up for Dawnbringer. Since then I have Dawnbringer, and souls accumulated.

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