Choose how much leveling to up

choose how much lvls and show how much souls need to lvl up, its help a lot for the non pays members.


Agreed, wondered why they didn’t create that instead of the upgrade-to-the-maximum-you-can-afford option.

Just make a drop down list or something, you initialize it on the maximum value and then we can lower it to fir our needs. Most of my troops aren’t maxed out, they are just leveled to reach the maximum star level with the fewest souls spent !


As a new player I keep upgrading troops one level at a time and it’s extremely annoying.
Not sure though if requested feature is necessary, just for the love of God remove that useless animation. Or make option to turn it off.
Because I don’t mind clicking 10 times but waiting 10 seconds after each click is super tedious.

It really should just use the arrows system from Ascension. It’s already built in, so it seems like it would be super easy to carry it over.


we have this already on consoles so I’m sure you will get it too

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(We have this on console side…)


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The interface is pretty braindead indeed. The ascension page has 2 arrows that are not needed for anything just a single button with the number of the sacrifices for the next level. (and as insult to the injury the arrows add random amounts instead of going all the way in either direction…)

While the leveling panel lacks those very 2 arrows – it should have them to step 1 level up and down, showing the stats and deltas while printing the total amount of souls on the button. That way we could have a good way to figure out the target without any server interaction – then get the desired result with a single animation. Yey. (Would be, if QOL for players was an actual target.)

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That’s exactly what I was going to suggest. It would make working on kingdom power that much easier.

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Why don’t we have this on the PC/Mobile side?

Just gonna cut my post from a thread I started a while ago, because I’m too lazy to edit (and I was to lazy to research whether it was a pre-existing concern at the time…). :confused: Some is contextual, but you get the gist.


@Nimhain, @Sirrian

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Speaking of, having Kingdom Power of the current troop’s Kingdom displayed somewhere on the crafting interface would be nice too.

I don’t understand why we haven’t gotten this quality of life change yet.

Seems like consoles have had it for a long time and PC/Mobile has been requesting it for awhile…

It also seems like it would be one of the simpler things to change.

We recently got an updated rewards screen. That seems like it would have been more complicated to do than adding a level selection exactly like the Ascension arrows already in the game.

I’m not a developer so I can’t attest to how easy or complex it would be, but it seems like it would be a simple change that would make a lot of people happy. Just like it seems relatively easy to add souls as a currency so I don’t have to keep opening menus to see how much I have when I’m aiming for a certain amount.

I hope the developers see this request and add it in the near future.

I agree, I want/need this on PC side.

Didn’t we have it at one point?